Home Treatment Advice for Head Lice

Treat for Lice

Treat all cloth furniture and bare mattresses with vacuum hoses or lint rollers for lice. Don’t forget your interior of your car. Also, if you have leather furniture wipe down your furniture or car interior to remove loose hairs.

Wash for Lice

Wash all bedding, clothing and towels in hot water and at a hot drying cycle until fully dry. At the very least dry your items at the highest setting in your dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Quarantine for Lice

Take all stuffed animals and toys with hair or fur and place them in garbage bags. Leave them in the bags in an area away from people for 10 days.

Boil for Lice

Boil all hair brushes, combs, hair clips, rubber bands and scrunchies. If it is not possible to boil them then seal them in a bag and freeze overnight.

Vacuum for Lice

Vacuum all carpets, furniture and mattresses. Remove vacuum bag and dispose or empty bagless canister. You may also use a lint roller to remove hair as well.

Retreat for Lice

Retreat with our lice terminator oil on day 5 and 11 shown on our card we left you. Leave it in for 15 minutes and then wash 1st with dish soap and then shampoo.

More Useful Tips

Using a fully heated hair straightener from close to the scalp all the way down will assist with killing any eggs that could appear. The heat will melt an egg.

BE CAREFUL not to burn the scalp or ears. Live eggs live very close to the scalp so this is not recommended.

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